Housewives Charity Event - "Dance for Wells"

We are hosting a charity event called "Dance for Wells". It features a photo exhibition with artists/producers "dancing for wells", all wet and dancing in dirty water... The photos will go on sale and the revenus will go to building wells around the world to give people clean water!
Artists include: Adam Beyer, Aril Brikha, Zoo Brazil, Veronica Maggio, Lo-fi-fnk and Housewives of course! Among others.

The opening of the gallery is Wednesday 3rd of June and the show goes on until Sunday the 7th. It is open for the public 4th-7th. The address is Ibeyo Studios, Kammakargatan 11, Stockholm, Sweden.

The charity event also features a club night at Fredsgatan 12 on the 5th of June, that is also the first night out at the residence of the summer. It will be a very special night in terms of deco and purpose, and part of the entrance fee goes directly to the project. We will also have a very special guest playing with us, no less than Jake the Rapper.

So you better be there on the 5th and bid high on the photos! Let's give people around the world clean water!

The organisation we support is called Charity Water, read more about them here

Love, kisses and dirty dishes,

Postat av: MASN

Hepp! Grymt!

present från your fagiest fans:



2009-05-26 @ 09:07:02
Postat av: Johan


bad om ID på er sista låt @ palace spring break, men jag hittar dessvärre ingen information om den. Ligger ni allmänt före eller är jag kass på att använda google? Jag kanske rent utav skrev fel? "Audio Sound Pilots - Sound Check"

Rock on

2009-06-01 @ 16:45:59
Postat av: Annika Granstedt

Tycker mycket om det du skrev! Roligt att se en del prima saker och inte bara det generella grejerna som man kan se om varenda dag. ;)

2010-09-23 @ 21:24:01

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